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Wood Music

Great Plains Theater Conference / St. Fortune Collective, 2014

Lighting Designer (with Angelica Borrero, Sarah Johnston, Mark Kanieff, and Kyu Shin)

Photos by Elena Araoz, Tom Grady and Justin Townsend

Concieved and Performed by St. Fortune Collective

Directed by Elena Araoz


"Something incredible is happening at the Florence Mill. No one knows what exactly. Perhaps time has folded itself into a stack, like pancakes on Sunday morning, or maybe it’s more like a spinning auger overfull with grains spilling everywhere. At any rate, people from several centuries have begun gathering there. They are holding hands and dancing until sweat runs down their bodies while speaking aloud of dreams and desires. The music of it all is uncannily joyful. Get down here before the media hears about it and it all disappears. As we well know – everything disappears…doesn’t it?"



Great Plains Theater Conference PlayLab, Florence Mill, Omaha NE, May 2014 


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