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Skin Horse Theater

Skin Horse Theater is a performance collective founded in 2007 by Brian Fabry Dorsam, Anna Henschel, Veronica Hunsinger-Loe, Nat Kusinitz and Evan Spigelman. 


Our work is not bound by genre, or by any particular dogma or mode of performance. Our purpose is simply to do what we have not done before, to try something new and vastly different with each project.


We are invested in theater as a holistic endeavor, in which performer, space, design, text, and sensory experience are all equal to and in dialogue with one another.


We believe in stealing inspiration from anywhere and performing in any space that inspires us.


We believe that challenging ourselves through inquiry and experimentation is the best way to create compelling work that will keep hold of you long after you have left the theater, garage, or air duct where we happen to be performing.


We hope you like it.


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