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The Mutilated

Contemporary Arts Center, 2015

as Bruno / Maxie & Lighting Designer

By Tennessee Williams

Produced by Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans

Directed by Cosmin Chivu


On a night filled with carols, misfits, sailors, hookers, cops, quarter rats, grifters, secrets, betrayals, and wine, Trinket Dugan is a Texas oil heiress and cancer survivor hiding away at the Silver Dollar Hotel. Celeste Delacroix Griffin is a hustler in every sense of the word who—by discovering a deep, dark secret of the heiress Dugan—jumpstarts the two on a humorous journey that will, in all hopes, resuscitate their friendship in just enough time to share a mystical experience that will change their lives. In doing so, it demonstrates how thin the line is between the dreadful and the joyful in a clever character rendering of humanity’s penchant for finding a laugh in tragic circumstances.



November 2015, Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans

"The triumph of the play does not belong to a hero or a villain, to the noble or the cold-hearted... We can easily get behind a Christmas story in which a boy on crutches receives the kindness of a reformed man. But what about a story in which a sex worker and her on-again-off-again benefactor rekindle their relationship?" -Laurence Ross, Pelican Bomb


"The offbeat nature of Williams’ script, combined with production elements that emphasize a romantic and fantastical notion of the New Orleans setting, results in a production that moves between worlds." -Brad Rhines,


"The comedy captures living on the margins with a mix of romantic charm and petty horror" -Will Coviello, Gambit Weekly



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