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The Hunting of the Snark

Skin Horse Theater, 2012

as the Banker

Produced by Skin Horse Theater

Directed by Veronica Hunsinger-Loe


Adapted from Lewis Carroll’s epic nonsense poem,Snark tells the story of a hapless group of misfits who journey to a mysterious island in search of  a dangerous and elusive creature called “The Snark.” In addition to portraying the ship’s crew, the performers use their bodies to create the ship itself, the island’s perilous landscapes and the fantastical creatures that inhabit it. The show was performed for families at the Bestoff Sculpture garden, and, in a slightly raunchier version, for drunken grown-ups at the Backyard Ballroom.



The Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, March 2012

Bestoff Sculpture Garden, New Orleans, March 2012

The Backyard Ballroom New Orleans, March 2012

The Waldorf School of New Orleans New Orleans, March 2012

The Mudlark Public Theater New Orleans, May 2012



"Skin Horse Theater’s latest theatrical offering will make life-long theatre lovers out of kids of all ages... charming, whimsical and very funny." -Helen Jaksch, NOLA Defender

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