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The Bakkhai

Elizabeth Gross / Ned Moore, 2015

as Dionysus & Lighting Designer

By Euripides

Produced and Adapted by Elizabeth Gross and Ned Moore

Directed by Ned Moore


The god Dionysos returns to the city of his birth, followed by a band of his worshippers, to seek revenge on those who have denied his divinity.


The Bakkhai is a collaborative, interdisciplinary workshop production of Euripides’ Bakkhai, co-translated and co-produced by New Orleans artists Ned Moore and Elizabeth Gross. The performance combines original music by local composer Tucker Fuller, live musical performance, theater, and dance.


Euripides’ tragedy investigates the character of Dionysos–boundary breaker, cross-dresser, god of drunkenness, destruction, of losing-yourself to dance in a crowd–and how best to worship him. Although Euripides was raising questions particular to Athens at the end of the 5th century B.C.E., this work strikes a particular chord here in New Orleans. The Marigny Opera House itself is not only a venue for the production but part of the inspiration. 



Marigny Opera House, New Orleans, June 2015


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