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SUCK IT!  A Vampire Musical

YOU!, December 2017

suck it faceboook.jpg

Written and Directed by Nari Tomasetti 

This is a vampire musical. Join Evan Spigelman on his journey towards transcendence. Evan is You. You are a delicious, juicy being. And You are wanted by the vampire community They are beautiful, they are vicious, they were condemned in their mortal lives for their infamous and barbaric crimes . . . and they want to ravage You. Suck It!, is a story told through song and bungee aerial dance about finding a home in New Orleans among its vampire hosts. With The Quaketones.

Siren Chris Weicklein says, “Nothing says Christmas like a good old fashioned vampire musical.”

Will You find your place here?

"I highly recommend the show to those who are comfortable with lewd pantomime, close encounters with cannibals, and a point of view that acknowledges the eternal horror of the holidays."  -Doug McCash, NOLA.COM

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