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Sea of Common Catastrophe

Jeff Becker / Artspot Productions, May 2016

Lighting Designer

Poster by Nat Kusinitz

Created by Jeff Becker and the Ensemble

Directed by Jeff Becker

In Sea of Common Catastrophe, Jeff Becker leads the ArtSpot ensemble in a deep consideration of the profound transformations that have swept through New Orleans in the decade since Hurricane Katrina, and of our own roles and responsibilities as artists in the realities of gentrification and displacement.

Using a devised ensemble process in which visual design elements have driven the dramaturgy of the piece, Jeff Becker's sculptural innovation, Courntey Egan's magical video projections, Jeffrey Gunshol's liquid choreography and ArtSpot's physical performance-making style and original music have created a dream-world imagining of a community inundated by a flood of change and upheaval.



Catapult, New Orleans, May 2016


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