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Skin Horse Theater, 2011

as Caleb & Lighting Designer (with Anna Henschel)

Poster by Brian Fabry Dorsam and Nat Kusinitz

By Brian Fabry Dorsam

Produced by Skin Horse Theater

Directed by Nat Kusinitz


*Nominated, Best Original Work, Big Easy Awards 2012


Intimately staged in a real living room, with the actors mere feet from the audience, SARAH tells the story of a woman on the verge of losing control. After the stillbirth of her child, Kate has sunken into a vacuous depression. On the night her husband and her best friend decide to intervene they find that Kate’s problems may be far stranger than they could have imagined.



1239 Congress, New Orleans,November 2011



"It is with great thrill I can report that Skin Horse’s ‘SARAH’ achieves the holy grail of theatrical enterprise: it constructs a bonafide scare ... ‘SARAH’ is an ingenious site-specific work." - Jim Fitzmorris, NOPPP


"Utterly fascinating... theatrically provocative... 'SARAH' burrows into your consciousness and refuses to yeild easy relief." - Andrew Adler, The Times-Picayune



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