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On the Verge: Or, the Geography of Yearning

In Good Company, 2016

Image by Chris Marroy

By Eric Overmyer

Directed by Rebecca Frank

Three female Victorian adventurers trek across "the mysterious Terra Incognita" and discover a new world, a new time and new identities. Written by celebrated playwright and television writer Eric Overmyer, directed by Rebecca Frank. Featuring Sarah Carlton, Sherri Marina, Cammie West and Evan Spigelman. Produced by In Good Company and Broken Habit Productions.

Returning In Good Company favorite Sherri Marina joins two-time Big Easy Award Winner, Cammie West and Sarah Carlton as a trio of ‘sister sojourners’, each a prototypical Victorian lady explorer, equipped with dialogue as pithy as their helmets, thwack their machetes thought the wilderness of hitherto unexplored Terra Incognita. As intrepid travelers, they put the lie to any charge that they are representatives of the weaker sex. Joined by Evan Spigelman, who plays a plethora of encountered characters, the cast celebrates all of travel – both physically and metaphysically. WE are proud to present Mr Overmyer’s joyfully feminist play.


New Orleans Art Center, November 2016

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