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Artspot Productions, 2014

Lighting Designer, Andrew Elkins Day Performance

Created by Artspot Productions

Directed by Jeff Becker


"Local award-winning performance companies ArtSpot Productions and Mondo Bizarropresent FLIGHT, the new performance extravaganza featuring performer-activated machines, film projection, song, and live theatre that explores mankind's enduring dream of flight and the unforeseen consequences of the pursuit of that dream.


The brainchild of award-winning sculptor Jeff Becker, FLIGHT collages characters and ideas inspired by the mythical and historical manifestations of man's irrespressible urge to fly, and by the all-too-frequent need to flee disasters of our own making.  Stunning visuals, live music and dazzling physical performances merge to create a fantasia that will encourage you to consider the ways in which the phenomenon of flight has touched your life, your city, your country and the world." -Artspot Productions



Andrew Elkins Day, Isidore Newman School, New Orleans, April 2014

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