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Lux et Umbra, 2015

as Mephistopheles

By Christopher Marlowe

Produced by Lux et Umbra

Directed by Jonathan Greene


After Faustus reached the peak of mortal understanding, he compacts with the demon Mephistopheles to gain incredible knowledge and powers. However, it all comes at a terrible price.



October 2015, Old Marquer Theater






"Spigelman is mezmerizing... [he is] frightening and electric.."-Tyler Gillespie, Gambit


""This is an utterly chilling, startling, most satisfying evening of theater... Spigelman excels.  His delivery... shoots right through you."" -Bruce Bergin, New Orleans Advocate


"Very well done... Evan Spigelman is absolutely fantastic and mezmerizing." -Alan Smason, Steppin' Out (WYES TV)


"Visually and aurally stunning... Spigelman memorably portrays Mephistopheles as a powerful cog in Satan's machinery." -Brian Sands, Ambush Magazine



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