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Creep Cuts

Mz. Asa Metric / Mqr En Between, 2015-2016

Created by Dylan Hunter and Evan Spigelman


CREEP CUTS is the ultimate drag clown show; the ill-tempered lovechild of cosmic superstars Mz. Asa Metric (Evan Spigelman) and Mqr. En Between (Dylan Hunter). Together they form New Orleans’ premier electro-dada-freak-drag-hyper-hyphenated-extra-execrated cabaret duo from out-of-the-blue-o! Behold as they bring you a night of dystopic musings and wild drag zenanigans to confound the senses, pique the appetite, and potentially pick the heart’s pockets and run off with all of its spare change.


Workshop Performance: Old Marquer Theater, New Orleans, May 2015

Full Performance at FORGE Microfest, The Theater at St. Claude, April 2016

"Virtuosic...demands that we accept a more fluid understanding of gender... challenges our perceptions of drag." - Bonnie Gabel, Pelican Bomb

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