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Soundtrack '63

Soul Science Lab, 2016

Lighting Designer

Created and Produced by Soul Science Lab

Originally produced by 651 ARTS and developed by Creative Director Chen Lo, Soundtrack ’63 premiered in 2013 as part of the Movement ’63 series. This performance of Soundtrack ‘63 will feature the untold and under-told stories of New Orleans’ civil rights history. It includes performances by local artists alongside commentary by Dr. Cornel West and Sonia Sanchez, and performances by Abiodun Oyewole of The Last Poets. This 3-screen multi-media installation, live music, and edutainment retrospective of the Civil Rights Movement is an incredible cultural and artistic experience that takes you on a journey from the continent through milestone events in African-American history through compelling images, video, jazz, hip-hop, soul, and poetry.


From the Black empowerment songs of James Brown to the outcries for justice for Mike Brown,Soundtrack '63 illuminates attention around one of the single most important movements in history, with liberation messages that remain relevant today. Soul Science Lab duo, Chen Lo, and Asante Amin recreate the year 1963 in a live documentary with a host of dynamic performance artists whose work breathes new life into the sights and sounds that shaped the music of an era—allowing a modern audience to re-think, re-new, and re-mix their conceptions of the past.



January 2016, Contemporary Arts Center




"'Soundtrack 63' Commemorates New Orleans' Exceptional Civil Rights History Through Music and Poetry" -Sameer Rao,


"'Soundtrack '63' musical performance at the CAC celebrates Martin Luther King Day" -Doug McCash, NOLA.COM


Preview: Soundtrack ‘63 at the Contemporary Arts Center - Will Coviello, Gambit


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