Is this drag?  Is this a cartoon?  Is this real life? CREEP CUTS follows agitprop surrealists and anti-fascist clowns Mz. Asa Metric and Mqr En Between as they accidentally present an evening of genre-queer cabaret.  Join them as they careen between dada drag, original electronic music, social media diatribes and malfunctioning sketch comedy for a wholly new form of drag cabaret to confound the senses.  



"It's like Nina Hagen walks thru a Willem DeKooning painting on her way to "Pee Wee's Playhouse". In other words, BRILLIANT!!! If you get a chance to see Evan and his sexy pal Dylan ("Mixer In Between") in "CREEP CUTS", DO! ... But y'all better be ready to lose your mud ... AND your minds!" - Ryan Landry

“Creep Cuts is more than just a drag show. Where other sets make you feel like you’ve been entertained, Ms. Aza Metric’s distorted cabaret leaves the viewer feeling like their brain has been blended up and allowed to leak out of their earholes... don’t miss it.” -Alex Galbraith, Very Local New Orleans

"Virtuosic...demands that we accept a more fluid understanding of gender... challenges our perceptions of drag." - Bonnie Gabel, Pelican Bomb


Old Marquer Theater, New Orleans, May 2015 (Workshop)

FORGE Microfest, The Theater at St. Claude, New Orleans, April 2016

Mudlark Public Theater, New Orleans, March 2017

Allways Theater, New Orleans, August 2018

Future Oceans Festival, NYC, January 2019

National Performance Network Annual Meeting @ the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, December 2019

excerpt from npn annual meeting 2019 begins at 52 minute mark: